Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nine-hundred and thirty-five thousand dollars of beer on the wall: Many more barrels of out-of-state beer money flows into Washington to "Protect Our Communities"

According to Monday's PDC filings, the "Protect Our Communities Beer Sales" coalition deposited another $935,625 since last week's report, bringing the total cash + in-kind raised to more than $7.1 million.

The latest report alone includes $25,000 from Allied Beverage in Sylmar, California, $10,000 from the Budweiser distributor in Newark, OH, a total of $19,000 from 8 beer distributors in Kentucky, and a total of $85,000 from the state beer wholesalers associations in Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Maine, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee and West Virginia.

I hope my readers are as touched as I am that this diverse nationwide coalition of beer distributors are so committed to protecting our communities!

To date, 64% of the funding for the "Protect Our Communities Abnormal Profits From Voters in Our Home States Getting Any Ideas in Their Heads About Taking Away the Anti-competitive Trade Restraints That the Beer Industry Uniquely Enjoys Here Too" campaign comes from outside the state of Washington. Most of it's beer money, some is from the Teamsters and UFCW. 26% comes from the Washington Beer and Wine Wholesalers' Assn. PAC. The remaining 10% comes from other Washington state donors, mostly liquor store employee unions, contract liquor store managers and liquor store landlords.

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