Monday, August 30, 2010

Beer interests double down, now in for $4+ million

According to today's PDC filings, the beer industry has poured another $2+ million into the "Protect Our Communities Beer Sales" campaign against selling (other forms of) alcohol in grocery stores.  The Beer Institute, representing the breweries, tossed in $1 million and the National Beer Wholesalers added their second $1 million.

The Wholesale Beer and Wine Association of Ohio, which, the last time we checked, doesn't do business in this state, even coughed up $20,000. Ohio is also a control state, so presumably this is a preemptive strike to try to ensure Ohio's voters don't get any wrong ideas in their heads about treating their adult consumers like grown-ups.

But we're most upset by the Oklahoma Malt Beverage Association's donation of $500. It's not enough for them to take our basketball team, they have to start meddling in our elections?

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