Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Survey USA: Initiative 1100 is leading 59% - 27%

SurveyUSA / KING-5 poll released today shows that Initiative 1100 is leading 59% - 27%, with 13% undecided.

Initiative 1105 is also leading, but by a smaller margin: 54% - 29% with 17% undecided.

We haven't won yet. Take heed from Massachusetts. The Bay State voted on "Question 1" in 2006 which would have allowed more grocery stores to sell wine. Polls shortly before the election showed it winning 57-38. A cynical, but withering campaign featuring bogus horror stories about public safety risks  defeated the measure 56-44. The NO campaign was bankrolled by those afraid of new competition ("package" stores and beverage wholesalers).

A similar coalition, "Protect Our Communities Monopoly", is bankrolling the NO on I-1100 campaign here, for the same self-interested economic reasons, using the same bogus scare tactics.  Scaremongering aside, all the credible evidence shows that the differences between state vs. private stores have no impact on public safety.

Vote for the consumers to win in Washington.

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