Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Protect Our Shelf Space"

The Washington State Wire reports that the Washington Beer and Wine Wholesaler Association is the primary contributor to the campaign opposing both 1100 and 1105. -- $94,000 out of $226,000. The NO campaign is called "Protect Our Communities", but as the Wholesaler Association's John Guadnola admits, its about protecting beer and wine's market share. As the wags at Modernize Washington's Facebook page put it, the campaign could call itself "Protect Our Shelf Space".  Guadnola's quote cracks us up:
There are some good public-policy reasons to oppose both proposals, Guadnola said. If either measure passes, the number of hard-liquor outlets in the state could explode. The measures would allow stores that currently sell beer and wine to apply for hard-liquor licenses – up to 5,000 of them if every eligible outlet wins a license. 
“We believe there would be a significant increase in underage access to liquor,” he said.
Uh, huh. ...  5,000 outlets selling beer and wine is not a public safety concern when they're selling his alcohol. It's only a public safety concern when they're also selling his competitor's alcohol.

Does he really have such a low regard for the intelligence of Washington's voters?

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