Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Protect our Communities Beer Sales", indeed

Wow. Check out today's PDC filings. The WA Beer and Wine Wholesalers' Association has invested a cool $1,000,000 cash in the "Protect Our Communities" NO on 1100 committee. This is an addition to its earlier $94,000 in-kind contribution. The National Beer Wholesalers' Association has matched with another $1,000,000.

77% of the NO campaign's $2.7 million total is from the beer vendors.

Last week we noted the Washington State Wire's report on the state beer wholesalers' earlier in-kind contribution.

Other leading news outlets would do well to take note. Perhaps we can stop calling the NO campaign "a coalition of unions and church groups" and call it what it is: beer wholesalers protecting their grocery store shelf space from customers who would rather purchase other products.

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